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PTSD & Pain: A Spouse’s Point of View…

Constant pain, stress, nightmares waking us both up in the middle of the night as my husband literally jumps up during the night on high alert, looking for the threat in our bedroom, trying to figure out where… Read More

Acupuncture Successfully Treats PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a tragic mental health condition that affects many people, usually after witnessing or experiencing a life-threatening event such as combat, a car accident, or assault. It is commonly associated as well with soldiers… Read More

Study on Efficacy of Acupuncture for PTSD

Acupuncture Can Help With PTSD

Acupuncture Can Help With PTSD PTSD is a physiological disorder that can result from being exposed to a traumatic event. The disorder results in several different symptoms. Re-experiencing. Some PTSD sufferers relive the traumatic event over and over…. Read More

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