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Our Mission

VACC’s mission is to provide alternative medical care to our veterans and their families on a low-cost basis in order for them to reach their health goals and lead productive lives.  Everything is done in confidentiality!

handshake2As a veteran who uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to maintain and treat my injuries, stress and other ailments, I realized that the medical treatments available to our veterans and their families are not meeting their needs and are limited.  Something is wrong when there are 22 suicides a day. In a nut shell, our goal is to reach as many veterans and their families as possible to let them know that there are alternatives for medical treatments that are safe, effective and have been around for thousands of years.

My experience with Western medicine has been average at best.  There are definite benefits when it comes to surgery, emergency medical care and field medical care.  However, giving veterans pills, not getting appointments for months if at all and passing the buck has to stop.  That is where VACC comes in.  We want to provide an alternative or complementary medicine to what they are already receiving if anything.

The only way to make this work is with the help from our community, veterans and other outlets to get the word out that there are alternatives for medical care.


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